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How does it Works?

Contrary to what people often think, therapy is not about a Psychologist telling you what to do. It is an active collaboration between you and the Psychologist, therapist, or counsellor; you share the work in equal parts.

The first step is completing an assessment. You and I will have an initial discussion to explore the reasons why you are attending, which can take more than one session if it is needed. After the assessment we will both have a greater insight into your areas of concern, and I will suggest how we can work on it. We will discuss the frequency of future sessions and reflect on any other information that we think will help our sessions be as helpful as possible. Following this, we will move into a problem-solving phase, working together to find alternative ways of thinking, behaving and managing your feelings.


Explore and Understand Your Thoughts and Feelings

Psychologist in Cambridge - Psicólogo en Cambridge - Anxiety
How it works

Sometimes just being able to talk freely, in a safe environment about a problem brings relief. Over time I hope that we will build a strong therapeutic relationship where you will see the benefits of my respectful, confidential, and non-judgmental approach. I believe that a strong therapeutic relationship is the foundation of effective therapeutic work.

During the process, we will review the reason why you started to see me, and your progress, constantly. The end of the process will be plan by both, you and me. Remember that this process is a collaboration between you and a professional.